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  • Qatar invests in Bulgaria

  • Korean investors can get benefits in the industrial zone of Burgas

  • European Investment Bank to support medium-sized business in Bulgaria

  • Bulgarians are increasingly buying resort real estate

  • Bulgaria will spend 28 million leva on tourism advertising next year

  • Bulgaria is interested in Azerbaijani projects

  • The first Bon Jovi concert in Bulgaria will be held in May

  • Foreign tourists do not know Bulgaria

  • Russian president postponed visit to Bulgaria in December

  • Bulgaria is the largest producer of lavender oil in the world.

  • Bulgarians - fourth in EU in terms of travel expenses

  • Bulgaria buys new combat aircraft

  • Lukoil invests $ 1.1 billion in a complex for the production of diesel fuel in Bulgaria

  • Moscow will allocate a billion rubles for the development of a sanatorium in Bulgaria

  • More than 110,000 Russian citizens own real estate on the southern coast of Bulgaria

  • Improved infrastructure in Bulgaria will lead in 2013 to an increase in the number of autotourists

  • According to forecasts, the autumn in Bulgaria will be short and rainy, and the winter will be long and bitter

  • In July, an increase in the number of Bulgarians' trips abroad was recorded.

  • 400 properties for sale in Bulgaria

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  • Bulgaria marks the 117th anniversary of the existence of organized tourism

  • The growth of summer tourism in Bulgaria will be 3-4%

  • Bulgaria is the most popular destination among Russian officials

  • The tourist season in Bulgaria will last until the end of October

  • Foreign companies are eyeing the movement of production to Bulgaria

  • According to forecasts, the summer tourist season in Bulgaria will mark a 6% increase in the number of tourists

  • The resorts of Bulgaria began to fall in prices

  • In Bulgaria, all separate swimming areas meet the necessary requirements.

  • Over the past 2 years, 37 thousand Russians bought housing in Bulgaria

  • Millionaire from Oman has bought shares of Bulgarian Investbank

  • Foreign investment in Bulgaria for January-June 2012 amounted to 221.4 million euros

  • Bulgaria has set a record in the production of "green energy"

  • In 2012, Bulgaria commissioned 40% less apartments

  • Tax inspectors will be engaged in checking the exchange points on the coast

  • Bulgaria's trade with non-EU countries has increased

  • There are 598 millionaires in Bulgaria

  • Tourists in Bulgaria need to check their shoes for spiders

  • "In the summer, of course, the sea becomes the main treasure. In the winter, the mountains."

  • Russian tourists show increased interest in Bulgaria

  • Bulgarian Bank for Russians

  • Good harvest for grain producers and alarm for livestock breeders

  • 7% growth expected in Bulgaria's pilgrim tourism

  • Bike tour “To the sea by bike” started from Sofia

  • In the Bulgarian parks police order patrol will follow the order

  • Private Turkish companies are interested in supplying natural gas to Bulgaria

  • Brazilian carnival to take place in Burgas

  • Bulgarian Ministry of Justice will create a website for foreigners who want to buy property

  • VTB agreed to purchase a Bulgarian mobile operator

  • The festival “Spirit of Burgas” begins

  • More than 300 thousand Russian citizens and law firms bought property in Bulgaria









The number of millionaires in Bulgaria has increased

da8f85ebfa121The number of millionaires in Bulgaria increased by 54% in two years, and their investments by 50%. Here it is necessary to emphasize that we are talking about deposits of rich Bulgarians in banks. How many millionaires in Bulgaria?

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Brokers (realtors) in shock. They want to throw the adoption of a new law ...

brokerIn the midst of brokers (realtors) of Burgas in recent days there is an incredible confusion. The reason for this is the new draft law “On the activity of agents (brokers) on real estate”, which is supposed to be submitted to the Bulgarian parliament.

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Bulgaria made free visas for Russian schoolchildren

visa bulgaria 3The Bulgarian authorities have decided to abolish the visa issuance fee for Russian children under 18 years old, who are going to rest in the camps in Bulgaria, said Deputy Foreign Minister Milen Keremedchiev on Wednesday.

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Boyko Borisov: Friendship with Russia should be pragmatic

AEC Belene ProektToday, the details of the speech of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov to the deputies of the National Assembly became known.

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Annual filing of tax returns

dany4na-deklaraciqOn March 31 in Bulgaria, the deadline for submission of declarations to the tax inspectorate expires. Firms that have not had an activity must file zero tax declarations.

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